The Pinotage Association is one of South Africa’s most recognized varietal associations. Since being founded in 1995, the association has contributed significantly to the growth, development and marketing of Pinotage over the past few decades.

PINOTAGE ROSÉ – This competition focuses on Pinotage driven rosés. Given the rise in popularity of Pinotage rosé wines, it illustrates the uniqueness and versatility of the cultivar to local and international markets.

“Pinotage has an important role to play in the wine industry.  It is a varietal many people associate with South Africa.  The great thing about Pinotage, is it shows its versatility. The judging panel was looking for the typical expression of Pinotage typically raspberry, strawberry, sweet red fruit aroma profile, the golden thread of freshness, good balance between the residual sugar and acidity.  Pinotage Rosé is very sexy, with different faces, different shades of pink, onion skin colour and hues of orange,’ says Wilhelm Pienaar, 2022 panel convener. The panel judges for the 2022 Pinotage Rosé competition included Wilhelm Pienaar, Winnie Bowman, Cloete Narina, Elsa du Plessis and Charles Hopkins.

“The Association have many people to thank for the initiation of ideas, we acknowledge Sakkie Bester for his idea to have this Pinotage Rosé competition.  Yet another way to express Pinotage.  Congratulations to the 2022 competition winners.  The rosés are refreshing and pair well with another glass of rosé!” Beyers Truter, chairman of the Pinotage Association.

“We are excited to celebrate the winners of the 2022 competition. Absa remains a key partner in the relationship and positioning of this proudly South African varietal and brand. Congratulations to all this year’s winners”, says David Monene, Absa Western Cape.

A total of 20 entries were received.  The winners showcase the excellent vintage of 2022. Wine regions represented by winners – Coastal Region (1), Breedekloof (1), Paarl (1), Robertson (1) and Western Cape (2).



Alvi’s Drift Signature Pinotage Rosé 2022

Winemaker Alvi van der Merwe | WO Western Cape | Wine Info AV: 13.42 | RS: 4.4 | TA: 6.7 | pH: 3.04

Bon Courage Lady of The House Pinotage Rosé 2022

Winemaker Philip Viljoen | WO Robertson | Wine Info AV: 14.43 | RS: 3.1 | TA: 5.9 | pH: 3.44

Botha Kelder Blanc de Noir 2022

Winemaker Annamarie van Niekerk | WO Breedekloof | Wine Info AV: 12.37 | RS: 1.3 | TA: 5.4| pH: 3.37

Jakkalsvlei Pinotage Rosé 2022

Winemaker Louis van der Riet | WO Western Cape | Wine Info AV: 13.65 | RS: 5.1 | TA: 6.1 | pH: 3.22

Landskroon Blanc de Noir 2022

Winemaker Fanie Geyser | WO Paarl | Wine Info AV: 11.83 | RS: 6.0 | TA: 6.6 | pH: 3.18

Windmeul Pinotage Rosé 2022

Winemaker Abraham van Heerden/Michael Kotzé | WO Coastal | Wine Info AV: 13.81 | RS: 3.0 | TA: 5.6 | pH: 3.59

Congratulations to all the Rosé winners


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