Our Sponsor and Partner In Wine

" Absa is a fundamental contributer to the Pinotage Success Story. "
Beyers Truter

Since the founding of the Pinotage Association in 1995, Pinotage has grown into one of South Africa’s most recognised trademarks and the flag bearer for South African red wines on the world stage.

The growth and development of Pinotage over the past few decades was achieved through passionate and persistent hard work in the fields of research, knowledge transfer, and marketing. Apart from this, the key role of our main sponsor, Absa, cannot be understated.

“Having a major corporate as a dedicated sponsor has, without doubt, been a fundamental driver of the Pinotage success story.

Absa-sponsored competitions and campaigns have been a fundamental contributor to the cultivar’s popularity and the way the stature of the variety has developed is illustrated by the advent of icon-level Pinotage at an ultra-premium price point,” says Beyers Truter. He also adds, “If it had not been for Absa, we would still have been in the experimental phases with Pinotage.”

The Pinotage Association would therefore like to express our sincerest gratitude to Absa for their ongoing support over the past two decades, and we look forward to our continued partnership.