Press Release: 2022 Perold Absa Cape Blend

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The Pinotage Association is one of South Africa’s most recognized varietal associations. Since being founded in 1995, the association has contributed significantly to the growth, the development and marketing of Pinotage over the past decades. PEROLD ABSA CAPE BLEND - Named in honour of Professor A.I. Perold, the ‘Father of Pinotage’, focuses exclusively on Cape Blends, with Pinotage as its primary base component. In 2009, a time when wines sales where relatively slow, the Pinotage Association recognized it was time to introduce a blend.  A special sub-committee driven by Danie Steytler (snr), Jacques Roux and Johan Malan, investigated and suggested the following. 1. Such a blend should consist of Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. 2. The percentage of Pinotage in the blend must be between 30%-70%. 3. The wines must at least be 12 months in oak.  This proposal was accepted by the association and then decided that the blend should be aptly named a Cape Blend. The first Perold Absa Cape Blend competition launched in 2011 with 37 entries. The competition identifies six wines that demonstrate quality and style. Today the competition has evolved, rules of 2009 expanded, and winemakers can now use any varietal with a major component of the blend still more than 30% Pinotage to qualify as a Cape Blend. “There is a big improvement from South African Cape Blends, it is good to see how it interacts with other grape varieties. The 2022 judging panel was after balance, fruitfulness and all the wines must have the expression of pinotage in the glass”, say Winnie Bowman, Cape Wine master and judge in this year’s competition. The panel judges for 2022 of the Perold Absa Cape Blend included Wilhelm Pienaar, Winnie Bowman, Cloete Narina, Elsa du Plessis and Charles Hopkins. Beyers Truter, Chairman of the Pinotage Association stated, “the intention of this competition is to use the legacy of Abraham Izak Perold to unite, to constantly improve the quality and to market the South African wine industry. The association would like to thank KWV for the use of the name - Perold.  Absa bank for their support in promoting Pinotage. We also celebrate the winners of this year’s competition, who can be exceptionally proud of the legacy they are leaving in this generation of winemakers”. Entries are from a wide array of South African wine regions in various styles and blend combinations, a total of 33 entries were received.  2022 winners showcase the excellent vintages 2018 and 2020 are proving to be. Regions represented by winners - Coastal region (3), Bottelary (1), Swartland (1) and Stellenbosch (1) Winning any award is particularly important to the wine estate, it not only shows that they are making the type of wines that wine enthusiasts want to buy and enjoy, but also that they are making the type of wines that the trade want to include in their wine lists. “We are excited to celebrate the winners of the 2022 competition, Absa remains a key partner in the relationship and positioning of this proudly South African varietal and brand. Congratulations to this year’s winners”, says David Monene, Absa Western Cape.

2022 Perold Absa Cape Blend Winners

Beyerskloof, Beyerskloof Faith Cape Blend 2019 Blend Pinotage(40)/Merlot(38)/Cabernet Sauvignon(22) | Winemaker Anri Truter | WO Stellenbosch  | Wine info        AV: 15.2 | RS: 3.4 | TA: 5.7 | pH: 3.65 Kaapzicht Wynlandgoed, Steytler Vision 2020 Blend Pinotage(51)/Cabernet Sauvignon(48)/Merlot(1) | Winemaker Danie Steytler | WO Bottelary Wine info        AV: 14.52 | RS:2.7 | TA: 6.0 | pH: 3.66 KWV, KWV The Mentors Perold 2020 Blend Pinotage(40)/Shiraz(30)/Cabernet Sauvignon(10)/Petite Sirah(10)/Malbec(10) | Winemaker Izéle van Blerk | WO Coastal Region Wine Info        AV: 14.62 | RS: 3.3 | TA: 6.0 | pH: 3.49 Perdeberg Wines, Endura Winemakers Selection Cape Blend 2018 Blend Pinotage(65)/Cabernet Sauvignon(19)/Malbec(16) | Winemaker Albertus Louw | WO Coastal Region Wine info        AV: 13.99 | RS: 4.5 | TA: 5.8 | pH: 3.50 Pulpit Rock Winery, Pulpit Rock Louisa Cape Red Blend 2018 Blend Pinotage(50)/Shiraz(48)/Cabernet Sauvignon(2) | Winemaker Dewald Huisamen | WO Swartland Wine info        AV: 15.44 | RS: 3.8 | TA: 5.5 | pH: 3.72 Spier Wines, Spier Creative Block 8 2017 Blend Pinotage(36)/Cabernet Sauvignon(24)/Merlot(18)/Shiraz(18)/Cinsaut(1)/ Malbec(1) / Mourvédre(1)/Petit Verdot(1) | Winemaker Johan Jordaan | WO Coastal Region Wine Info        AV: 14.52 | RS: 3.4 | TA: 5.4 | pH: 3.63 

2022 Runners up      

Beyerskloof Faith Cape Blend 2020 Blend Pinotage(34)/Merlot(33)/Cabernet Sauvignon(33) | Winemaker Anri Truter | WO Stellenbosch Wine info       AV: 15.33 | RS: 2.9 | TA: 5.5 | pH: 3.59 Botha Kelder, Turoc Unify 2019 Blend Pinotage(34)/Cabernet Sauvignon(33)/Shiraz(33) | Winemaker Michiel Visser | WO Breedekloof Wine info       AV: 14.57 | RS: 2.8 | TA: 5.7 | pH: 3.60 Lyngrove Platinum Latitude 2020 Blend Pinotage(43)/Cabernet Sauvignon(42)/Shiraz(15) | Winemaker Danie van Tonder | WO Stellenbosch Wine info       AV: 14.45 | RS: 2.4 | TA: 6.0 | pH: 3.63 Wellington Wines, La Cave Cape Blend 2019 Blend Pinotage(56)/Cabernet Sauvignon(22)/Merlot(11)/Roobernet(11) | Winemaker Daniel Slabber | WO Wellington | Wine Info       AV: 14.52 | RS: 3.4 | TA: 5.4 | pH: 3.63 -End- Contact Details | Belinda Jacobs | 079 879 9705 | [/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Press Release: 2022 Perold Absa Cape Blend

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