The Pinotage Association recently honoured Duimpie Bayly for his outstanding contribution to the expansion of Pinotage. “Duimpie, you cannot resign from the industry, you are the industry” said chairman Beyers Truter.

He added that Duimpie’s contribution to all aspects of the South African wine is immense and he is truly one of the icons of the South African wine industry

Bayly, who is a founding member of the Pinotage Association, has been a part of the wine industry for more than half a century. Among other things, he was a director of Distell, President of the Cape of Good Hope-Agriculture Association (Agri-Expo), former chairman of the South African National Wine Show Association, Wine person of the year in 1999, and played a key role in the establishing of the Institute for Grape and Wine Sciences. He is also the independent chairman of the Cape Vintner Classification (CVC).