For 25 years, The Pinotage Association has been building knowledge, improving skills, and changing the perceptions of Pinotage so that this proudly South African cultivar could earn its place in the sun.

A History: 25 Years of Pinotage Success

The journey of Pinotage has been tumultuous but through drive, passion and strong partnerships, this proudly South African cultivar would earn it’s place in the sun. 25 years ago, The Pinotage Association launched The Top 10 Pinotage Awards, driving the excellence Pinotage.

A Bright Future for Pinotage

A generation of young winemakers are driving the potential of Pinotage and the industry in general, with a focus on craftsmanship. It is this commitment to excellence that will allow South African wine to navigate the challenges ahead.

The Present State of Pinotage

While it’s origins were humble, Pinotage today has been elevated to an exceptional expression, one that entices, pairs, ages, and earns respect.