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30 May 2022

Pinotage Association Absa Top 10 & Vintage Class Competitions 2022

Entries for the Absa Top 10 Pinotage & Vintage class Competition opens on

Monday, 30 May 2022

Stellenbosch — 30 May 2022The entries to one of the most recognized grape varietal competitions are open to producers of Pinotage – the pinnacle of a proudly South African invented varietal.

“Pinotage has taken phenomenal leaps in quality and viticulture that has brought the grape in sync with world trends,” said Beyers Truter, Chairman at Pinotage Association.  With the latest statistics  for 2021 reflecting the global demand for Pinotage, see table below :

Pinotage Stats 2021 as per SAWIS
Domestic litres 2021 Total Exports 2021              TOTAL % OF RED          Ranking                RED – Ha
Vines Ha Vines Ha
4 611 590 19 969 571  19 719 810 6 570 16.3 16.2 3rd most planted
*(2020 – Domestic 4 281 570; Exports 18 274 497)


In a recent article, Anthony Hamilton-Russel from Hamilton-Russel Vineyards in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley stated that, “It is as if the “ball and chain” association with the old South African wine industry has finally been struck off.”  With the remarkable increase in the exports of Pinotage, his words are evident.  Now is an opportune time to enter the Absa Top 10 & Vintage class 2022 Pinotage competitions.

The Competition

The aim of the annual competition is to identify ten Pinotage wines which will serve as a benchmark for the development of distinctive South African Pinotage and illustrates the uniqueness of Pinotage in the local and international wine world. Various promotional opportunities for the winning wine estates, their winemakers and viticulturist are available. Included is media releases, advertorials and social media exposure facilitated by the Pinotage Association during the months following the announcement of the results.

The Vintage Class category has been established with a distinct goal in mind: to showcase how well Pinotage ages. This class demonstrates that top Pinotage wines are fulfilling their promise of great maturation potential. Open exclusively to Pinotage wines that are 10 years or older, the competition selects only six winners. By highlighting age-worthy Pinotage wines, the Vintage Class further advances the appeal of this uniquely South African grape.

The Association

Since being founded in 1995, the association has contributed significantly to the growth, the development and marketing of Pinotage over the past decades.

Pinotage wines are receiving local and international recognition in various awards and competitions more than ever before. This is a demonstration of how Pinotage has become the pinnacle of a proudly South African varietal. It also demonstrates the tenacity and resilience of our Pinotage producers.

Absa bank is a proud supporter of the Pinotage Association.

Keys Dates :  Entries open 30 May 2022 | Entries close 15 June 2022 | Late entries 24 June 2022

Queries – Contact | 021 863 1599

Complete your entry online : Entry Form 2022 – Pinotage



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