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From historic tales of creation – merging Pinot Noir and Hermitage (Cinsaut) grapes by Prof Perold – to today’s legends crafting and creating the latest Pinotage or Pinotage blend. The story always ends where it is enjoyed with friends, food or maybe somewhere alone with a bottle of Pinotage as your company. Somewhere where you might just wonder why life isn't always all about Pinotage.

Pinotage is an internationally successful and uniquely South African grape varietal. South African Pinotage makers produce a product of superior quality, making Pinotage the trump card of the South African wine industry.

Regular workshops are held to share the knowledge acquired by grape producers and winemakers. Winemakers share techniques developed to capitalise on the product of the vineyard. Association workshops are also used to convey the results of Pinotage-related research.

The Management Committee is made up of the top echelon in the wine industry globally and locally. The Management Committee members are a selection of co-opted members, members elected at the annual general meeting of the Pinotage Association, and the Executive Committee is elected by the Management Committee.

The Absa Top 10 competition identify ten Pinotage wines to illustrate the uniqueness of Pinotage. The Perold Absa Cape Blend competition elects five wines of which Pinotage constitutes a significant component of the blend.


Important Dates

Absa Top 10 competition closing date entries 3 June 2019
Absa Top 10 competition closing date - late entries 14 June 2019
Absa Top 10 competition Judging 9-12 July 2019
Perold Absa Cape Blend closing date of entries 26 July 2019
Perold Absa Cape Blend closing date – late entries 5 August 2019
Perold Absa Cape Blend Judging 13 August 2019
Absa Top 10 competition Awards function 14 August 2019
Perold Absa Cape Blend Awards function 29 August 2019
International Pinotage Day 12 October 2019
Pinotage Golf Day 21 October 2019
Taste the Best concert 11 November 2019

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