Creating Pinotage


Creating Pinotage

The Pinotage in your glass is the end product of a process of creation. It starts with the soil which grows the vine which produces the grape which is harvested into the cellar.

That's the viticulture, which is a blend of science and climatology and prayer. Once the grape is in the cellar, the juice has to be extracted and fermented and matured.

That's the vinification. It is also a blend of science and intuition and good fortune. But as Pinotage is taken more and more seriously as a noble varietal, so the bank of knowledge grows as to what works with this grape and what doesn't.

As there are many ways to prepare a roast, so too, there are many routes to a fine glass of wine. But none deviates too far from what has been learnt over the last seventy years about how to grow the Pinotage grape, when to pick it, and what to do with it in the cellar.

That being said, all the science in the world can take the wine maker only so far. There will always be room for the inspired guess, for the intuitive decision, for that mysterious indefinable which keeps winemaking an art.