Bon Cap’s Lightly Cured Ostrich

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June 30, 2016
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June 30, 2016

Bon Cap’s Lightly Cured Ostrich

A Carpaccio of Ostrich with Waldorf Timbale, topped with green salads makes an ideal lunchtime meal, combined with a slightly chilled Pinotage, served on a warm summer’s day on the stoep!

A healthy combination of three really South African ingredients – Ostrich, Pinotage and the great outdoors!

This recipe calls for smoking the ostrich fillet – if you do not have the correct equipment, ready cured meat can be substituted.

Ostrich fillet
Fresh lemon juice
Coarsely grounded black pepper
Granny-smith apple
Home-made mayonnaise
Garden greens
Basil / green herbs
Olive oil
Parmesan shavings
Pickled capers

Cure the ostrich fillet by marinating it in fresh lemon juice and coarsely grounded black pepper.
Carefully smoke the ostrich fillet – do not smoke the meat for to long, about 5 minutes will be sufficient enough depending on the type of smoking device you use.
Transfer the fillet to a cooling rack and let it cool of completely.
Use a flat piece of plastic wrap, roll the fillet from the one side to the other in the wrap – do not fold the ends of the wrap in. Once this is done the meat will look like a thick piece of sausage. Take the ends of the wrap tightly (almost like a roll pin) – keep it flat on the surface and pull the roll towards you. The cling wrap will tighten around the fillet, shaping it into a perfect cylinder.
Put the meat into a freezer until it is firm enough to slice it very thin.

To prepare the Waldorf Timbale
Roast the walnuts, chop them coarsely, peel and de-pip the granny-smith apple, dice the apple, add some homemade mayonnaise to the apple and nuts.
Liquidise some fresh herbs adding olive oil in a slow stream.

To serve
1. Start of with the thinly sliced carpaccio, add the Waldorf Timbale, topping it with some garden greens.
2. Lightly sprinkle over some fresh herbs and drizzle with olive oil.
3. Add the capers, to taste.
4. Finish the dish with Parmesan shavings and a few cocktail tomatoes.

Meal recommendation: Idyllic for light luncheons or a starter as part of a three-course meal.
Wine recommendation: Bon Cap Organic Pinotage or any medium- to full-bodied Pinotage.

Cook’s Tip
When served as a luncheon wine, chill the wine slightly to 17°C (This will enhance the primary berry flavours of the Pinotage and give you an ideal bouquet to pair with this lunch. When served as a main course, serve the wine at room temperature (19°C and 20°C degrees) to enhance the riper fruit and secondary mocha and smoky flavours.

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