Pinotage to shine at CapeWine

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June 14, 2018
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July 19, 2018

Pinotage to shine at CapeWine

Wine visitors to this year’s CapeWine event will experience and be informed of Pinotage and its uniquely South African wine aspects.

CapeWine is one of South Africa’s most important wine trade shows and  Pinotage will be on everyone’s lips.

The Pinotage Association intend to educate and treat visitors to unique and informative tutor tastings during CapeWine2018 which will be held at CTICC from  12-14 September 2018 .

The aim of these tastings is to showcase key aspects of Pinotage to international and local wine industry stakeholders.  The older vintages, maturity potential as well as the influence of terroir on Pinotage wine styles will be discussed by distinguished Pinotage winemakers.  

Apart from this,  Ultra Premium Pinotage wines (R500 and more per bottle) will be showcased to emphasize the exceptional  quality of the top end of the Pinotage wines .

Current and past Absa Top 10 Pinotage and Absa Perold Cape Blends winners will also be evaluated and discussed in these tutor tastings.

The Pinotage Tutor Tastings will take place at the Convention Towers  which is adjacent to the CTICC and every tasting will have maximum of 20 guests.

To apply for  tutor tasting tickets (max 2 per session)  ,   please fill in the  form  at   or email


CapeWine2018- Pinotage Tutor Tastings Programme

Wednesday 12 September 2018   
10:30     Decade in a Bottle – Showcasing the maturity potential of Pinotage wines of 10 years and older
12:30     Ultra Premium Pinotage Wines – Pinotage Wines Above R500 a bottle
14:30     2018 Absa Top 10 Pinotage Wines – The best of Pinotage wines of the year

Thursday 13 September 2018
10:30      Sensational Sixties and Seventies – Pinotage Wines from 60’ties & 70’ties

12:30    Pinotage Terroir  Tasting – Showcasing the influence of terroir on Pinotage wine styles

14:30    Blended Beauties – Absa Perold Cape Blends – Then and Now – Comparing 2018 winners with winners from previous years. 


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