Pinotage honours the amazing Madame May

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January 6, 2017
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May 23, 2017

Pinotage honours the amazing Madame May


“Bordeaux is a much lesser place without Madame May and South Africa is much richer for it”.   This was the words echoed by Beyers Truter , chairman of the Pinotage Association, at a recent visit to the astonishing Madame May de Lencquesaing from Glenelly Wines.

Beyers Truter , and the association’s executive committee ,  presented Madame May with an Honorary Membership to the Pinotage Association for her life-long exceptional contribution to the World of Wine.

Madame May is a member of one of Bordeaux’s oldest wine families. Her accolades include Decanter Magazine Woman of the Year in 1994 and Vice President for life of the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). Sharing her time between Europe and South African she is probably the world’s oldest “flying wine maker”.

She  told the attendees of her passion for South African wine and drew some comparisons between South African and French wine regions. She indicated that although South Africa is seen as a new world wine , its wine cultivating history stretch back more years than some wine regions in France.

 Talking about the challenges of this year’s harvest and the ample variables in making wine, she suggested that the word ‘wine industry’ (and its industrial machine like tone) is an unfair description of the world of wine. Wine making is more a form of art and the creation of something unique.

She was also astonished to find out that Pinotage was created in 1925 , the year of her birth. She encouraged winemakers to become ‘Pinotage Picasso’s’  in their strive to create  exceptional and distinctive wine.

Beyers Truter added that he can’t thank her enough for investing in South Africa wine and contributing so much to South Africa and the world of wine.

He concluded in saying that, although 1925 was not a good vintage year for Bordeaux wines, it was a great year in producing an iconic South African wine varietal and the admirable world wine icon, Madame May de Lencquesaing .



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